Cannabis Addiction In A Legalized World

Vintage grunge cannabis leaf
Vintage grunge cannabis leaf

Marijuana No Longer Dangerous Because It’s Legal

Cannabis has become much more popular in recent years due largely in part to the legalization and the ease to obtain. In many cases marijuana is cheaper than alcohol also making it easier to afford to use. Many people also believe that marijuana is not a dangerous drug mistakenly, however people addicted to marijuana can experience the same negative side effect as those addicted to other drugs. These might include physical and emotional dependence, increased tolerance, depression and withdrawal symptoms without the drug. The same principles of addiction can apply easily to marijuana.

How To Recognize Marijuana Abuse And Addiction

Recognizing a cannabis addiction and abuse problem in yourself or a loved one can be difficult because it is so rare, but it is just as real. For a user that has issues with things like stress, mental illness or a genetic predisposition risk, dependence can become a very real thing very quickly. The main sign that leads to addiction and a dependency problem is the build up of a tolerance to a substance. Essentially, once tolerance sets in, an addiction can form quickly, easily and aggressively. Recognizing and identifying dependence can be pretty simple if you know what to look for. The first signs will generally start with withdrawal. Withdrawal is exactly the opposite of the drug. If the user typically is mellowed out by cannabis the withdrawal symptoms might include irritability and grumpiness. For other users it might be insomnia, restlessness, decreased appetite, depression, high blood pressure, headaches, or nauseousness. For many dependent users the symptoms of withdrawal may be very unpleasant.

Taking The First Steps Towards Recovery

The first thing a dependent user should do is start educating themselves in how addiction, abuse and dependence works and identifying those things in their own life. It can be quite different for everyone. According to the National Drug Abuse Council one in eleven users of cannabis will become addicted to the substance. That is a lot of users when one take into consideration the approximately 4.5 million users nationwide.  A lot of these addicted users while struggling with their dependence will still be functioning addicts. This lead many users to not admit to having a problem in the first place. For these users another option is a family intervention when self recognition is not an option.

Recovery Is A Process

Inpatient treatment, while necessary for some addicts shouldn’t be the first option unless the addiction is in very advanced stages and dangerous to the life and health of the user and those around them. Generally one would start with a 12 step program and some other sort of therapy like motivational incentives or talk therapy interventions. Either way abuse and addiction to marijuana can an is a very real thing to those addicted and recovery can be a long process. If someone you know or love has a problem with a cannabis addiction the best thing to keep them in recovery that you can do for them is support. Without outside support of some kind it is very hard for an addict to stay in recovery.

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