Charities, Support Systems Are Crucial in the Fight Against Addiction

It is incredibly hard to beat addiction alone. In order to successfully fight drug and alcohol abuse, support is needed. Families, friends, and even coworkers need to pitch in to help the person suffering. Sometimes, it is being there to physically take care of the person. Other times, it’s helping them to deal with various triggers, ensuring they stay the course and do not relapse. Sometimes it is just about providing moral support. The road can be long and winding, but it is certainly worth it.

You can thus imagine the toll it must take on the people who step up to help those recovering from addiction. The worry, stress, and fatigue (not to mention financial strain) it can put on these people is very real, and brushing it aside does nobody any good. These people can certainly use some extra help and support, too.

Fortunately, charitable people are coming through for recovering addicts and their families in many ways. Austintown, Ohio played host to a music festival called Rock Against Heroin, which was a three-day event meant to bring awareness to the area about heroin addiction. The proceeds of this concert went to fund recovery housing. Recovery housing is hugely important for people who are getting sober, as it is a peer-oriented way for them to learn how to live clean outside of a treatment facility. And while treatment programs are often funded in part by money from the state, there are no governmental funds available for recovery housing.

Even charities committed to raising awareness about addiction are getting assistance. Lawyers from New London, Connecticut, are working pro bono in order to help the charity Community Speaks Out, Inc. to get non-profit status. This organization seeks to fight the stigma of opiate addiction, and wants to unite the community to fight against it. By achieving 501(c)(3) status, any donations made to the organization will be tax deductible by the donors, thus encouraging more people to do so. With more money, the organization stands to reach more people, and strengthen in their fight against addiction.

Sometimes, something as simple as a connection on social media is enough to give someone hope. Private Facebook group ‘The Addict’s Mom’ is a place for parents, siblings, and other family members of someone who is suffering from addiction to connect with others who have been or are still going through the same situation. Here, they find real advice, empathy, and hope. It grew from being an online-only group to having real-life meetings, with over 70,000 members, and a chapter in every state in the U.S. These chapters each provide numerous resources to families of those struggling with addiction, including family support groups and even treatment scholarships.

The Addict’s Mom holds candlelight vigils to remember those who have succumb to the disease, those who are in recovery, and those who are still addicted. The organization has become a place where people can share the pain an addict can cause with their behaviors, as well as a place where improvements and progress can be shared and celebrated. Supporting families of addicts in this way is so crucial.

Without these people being encouraged and helped emotionally, the road for an addict to sobriety is harder. Addiction, in these cases, is no doubt a large part of all of their lives, but this support system allows them to reclaim a portion of their life that may have been lost to the stress of dealing with it.

It is always heartwarming to hear about people helping other people. Knowing that extensive support systems are aiding addicts in their recovery gives us all reason to hope.