Passages Malibu: Celebrity Addiction Treatment Center

The eye of the camera is usually very appealing to celebrities and other public figures, but when it comes to rehabilitation due to drug addiction, privacy is of utmost importance. Exposure to lots and lots of money is bound to get celebrities into drugs dependence, and to some, addiction. Of these celebrity addicts, only a handful admits that their addictions are a problem that needs solving.

After admittance, they go for treatment in a rehabilitation center. Whether it is due to getting used to the lavish lifestyles or an effort at maintaining the public perception of them as wealthy and extravagant individuals, celebrities cannot go to just any rehabilitation center. They have to look for one that meets their daily “I-get-what-I-want” in life kind of standard. This is where the passages Malibu celebrity rehabilitation might come to play.

How Passages Malibu Celebrity Rehab Works

Every client admitted to Passages Malibu is given a personal assistant who is supposed to answer fully to almost all (if not all) of his/ her needs, making it very suitable for celebrities. Here are a few amenities that celebrities get to enjoy while at Passages Malibu rehabilitation center:

  • Access to electronic devices

Most celebrities would not like even for a moment to be shut out of the world. They need to check how their social media accounts are doing daily, when they are mentioned in a comment or just converse with their families, friends and fellow celebrities. These cannot be possible without electronic devices be it phones, tablets, or computers.

Most rehab centers do not allow access to the above-mentioned devices, but Passages Malibu is not among them. It gives its clients unlimited access to their phones and computers in addition to a lot of unsupervised freedom, just the way celebrities like it.

  • Freedom of choice when it comes to food

Apart from the endless access to their devices and issuance of the personal assistant by the staff of Passages Malibu, there is one more freedom of choice that most definitely fits into the lifestyle that celebrities have gotten used to. The rehab center gives their clients freedom to tell the laudable chefs whatever it is that they want to be cooked for them, down to the last specification.

  • Exercising facilities

Some celebrities have to keep their body fit all through, and are used to visiting the gym and exercising. Passages Malibu boasts of having a state of the art gym complete with trainers and a swimming pool where they can exercise to keep themselves fit.

Passages Malibu’s method of tackling addiction is also very appropriate for celebrities. Celebrities value their privacy. That being said, they would rather conceal a vital piece of information about their addiction and continue being addicted, than let the public know it. At Passages, the individualized therapies offer them the privacy that they need in order to give all the information about their addiction for the non 12-step holistic approach to treating addiction that passages uses to begin taking effect immediately.

If you doubt the effectiveness of Passages Malibu in treating celebrities, you can look at the lives of Mel Gibson, David Hasselhoff, Andy Dick, Natasha Lyonne, Steven Baldwin and Sean Kanan among others to see if their thirty-day treatment program at Passages Malibu led to relapse.

Forbes rate Passages Malibu as the most luxurious place to dry out.

Let me save you the hustle, it did not! If you are a celebrity who wants to achieve sobriety within the shortest time possible at a place where your privacy will be guarded 24/7, look no further than the Passages Malibu Celebrity Rehab center.