Passages Malibu – Revolutionizing Addiction Treatment

The last place that would come to your mind when you think of rehabilitation facility would be this California luxury rehabilitation center. This is because Passages Malibu looks more like a vacation spot than a drug treatment institute. With its luxurious facilities and serene settings, it barely resembles the conventional drug treatment center we are so used to and that’s the great thing about this California Luxury Rehab.

Not only does it not make a chore out of the process of quitting but it strives to make people understand that they need to heal holistically. Just the way drug and substance abuse harms us on a mental, spiritual and a physical level, we need to cure it on all three levels too. Passages is the right place for this mode of holistic healing.

Passages have revolutionized drug addiction treatment by coming up with a new yet highly effective approach to drug addiction. Instead of looking at it as an interminable disease, we should analyze it deeply. Addiction is often a symptom of an underlying problem. At Passage, the focus is on an individual finding out that underlying problem and then uprooting it to prevent relapses. The facility provides a person with every opportunity to explore themselves and find out more about their issues. It offers an unparalleled calmness because it is located in the lap of private hills of Malibu. What is more is that it is stretched out over ten acres of coastline overlooking the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. In the lap of these picturesque hills is a facility devoted to making lives better by providing its patients with every comfort imaginable.

From culinary delights prepared by a professional chef according to your dietary needs to the tennis courts, from the purpose built a gym to the detoxification unit that overlooks the ocean, this California luxury resort is committed to providing its patients with an environment that aids their healing.

The purpose of this facility is to aid patients as opposed to punishing them for their addiction and this purpose permeates each layer of the organization. It shows not just in the infrastructure and countless amenities available but also in the way the staff treats all those enrolled in the program.

Firstly, nurses are available on facility all around the clock which means that you are in safe hands. Secondly, a team of drug therapists and addiction experts is present to help you formulate your recovery plan. This is a step that sets this facility apart from conventional addiction facilities because instead of forcing people into group therapy sessions or speeding them cursorily through 12 step programs, these therapists help people by setting up one to one in-depth therapy sessions with them.

Thirdly other professionals visit the facility on a routine basis to aid with different modes of therapy. For instance, a massage therapist makes frequent rounds on a weekly basis. The staff has been carefully chosen for the job after a rigorous hiring process. They are also experts in their rights, and that is why the patient care service here is nothing short of premium. Anyone who enters knows they’re in safe hands.

This California-based luxury rehabilitation center is different from others in yet another way. Instead of presenting everyone who enters with a step based schedule, it recognizes that each case it deals with is unique with its set of variables. This is why the addiction treatment method varies from person to person.

It is, in fact, customizable and highly individualized. There are twenty-two innovative therapy methods to pick from including sound therapy, art therapy, acupuncture, adventure therapy, life purpose counseling, equine assisted therapy and much more. Anyone willing to quit can work in close collaboration with their therapist and make their recovery schedule according to their specific needs, issues, and preferences. With its focus on self-exploration and holistic healing and of course its lush tennis courts, this rehabilitation facility is the place to be if you are willing to take the first step.