Reviews: Passages Malibu Cost

Passages Malibu Rehab center, being one of the most extravagant luxury Rehab definitely will cost you something. To some, it might cost a fortune. So beware before you book your treatment at Passages Malibu. Though, the experience that it leaves on any of its client is worth the price paid. And why would it not be so?

When all you have around is either the classiest furnishings of the mansion or the view of the Pacific. Amongst its treasures, you have a state-of-the-art gym and koi pond. It is worth $23 million and covers 10 acres of land. The scenic view it offers are as such that many spend hours and hours across the beach, finding their cure in solitude. The New York Times in 2013, has reportedly highlighted it as the largest and most expensive rehab out of the many rehab facilities in Malibu. As the treatment cost were up to $88,500 a month in 2011.

The 30 day stay at this rehab center is no punishment, but a glamourous and luxuriant adventure. Passages Malibu costs an individual four times more than a vacation would at any other spot. So the wealthy, the celebrities are among the clientele for whom price is no big issue. To make sure the residents are not jam packed into one estate, six residents each are accommodated in six different houses in the lush green mansion. A standard room for two costs up to $55,000 a month.

Whereas, a single room would make the check up to around $75000. The exclusivity comes better if you book a well-furnished private suite at Malibu for over $90,000. This much for the rooms. All that you get along with this, is the freedom to do as you desire whenever you want to. The staff does not get strict with the rules and the 30 day stay does not even cutoff your social life. You are allowed to use your cell phone and internet after detox or the first 72 hours of treatment.

The Center has to charge for the big “treatment team” provided to take care of the individual needs of the clients. The team constitutes of a primary therapist, a family therapist, a life purpose coach, hypnotherapists, nutritionists, spiritualists, masseuses, physical trainers and acupuncturists. Even a medical doctor is invited for occasional visits to make sure the resident is being properly treated. Not to forget, the chef who daily cooks nutritious meals according to the taste specifications of every client at the rehab center.

Chris Prentiss has founded this facility with his son to make sure best quality treatment is offered to addicts. Chris, himself could not find a successful addiction treatment anywhere in the rehab centers for his son, Pax. Not only this, but he also suffered a lot by the poor quality treatment. Therefore, good quality treatment is the aim of the staff at Passages Malibu. The quality is never compromised and therefore the bills are higher to keep up with the reputation.