Top 5 Rehab Centers in California

Rehabilitation is a difficult process. It is expensive, it is draining, and it is also very challenging. The most important part in this recovery is getting the best care possible. This is done so by going to a good rehab center that helps you recover in the best way possible.

Here is a list of some of the highest rated and most successful rehab centers in California, in no particular order:

  1. Passages Malibu

This luxury rehab center has all the facilities that one could need. It the best possible luxury facilities, the most beautiful view, 24 hours 7 day a week staff, and a separate detox center as well. Not only that, but it also has a unique and innovated treatment program that aims to not only rid the patient of the addiction but also to help the patient diagnose them and figure out where the addiction stems from.


  1. Sober college

As the name suggests, this rehab is dedicated to its mission to being the best drug and alcohol treatment center in all of California. It specializes in drug and alcohol treatment for young adults between the ages of 18-26. They have a distinct program called the Five Core Competencies.

It also offers detox programs as well as treatment programs. It has been dubbed “College and Rehab Under One Roof.”


  1. Promises Addiction Treatment Center

This rehab is CARF certifies and ha dual diagnosis treatment. The patients are not just treated for addiction but are also helped find out the true reason behind it. It also helps those patients suffering from mental health issues such as PTSD, bipolar, anxiety, and depression.


  1. Betty Ford Center

This nonprofit organization is a licensed Chemical Dependency Recovery Hospital in Rancho Mirage, California. They believe that addiction can be hereditary which is why the family is also integrated into the treatment plan. Not only do they help the patient, but they also help the family as well. It is shown that over 100,000 people have graduated the program at Betty Ford and have led happy sober lives since its opening in 1982.


  1. Duffy’s Napa Valley Rehab

This treatment center is located in northern California’s Napa Valley and is a luxury sort of rehab. Its program is based on the 12 step program that is so famous, but it is a lot more revamped and bettered.


  1. Beacon House

This center is based in Northern California and is special in its healthy environment. There is a home like feeling associated with this place, and the path to sobriety is achieved in both care and comfort at Beacon House. It offers both residential and outpatient treatment options for all those that are 18 and over. Unfortunately, it does not deal with teens.

The rehabilitation journey is very difficult, and the only way that it can be done so in a good and easy manner is if you choose a good rehab center; research well before you enroll in one and make sure that you are happy with the rehab program that you are given.