Warning signs that a friend or loved one is abusing drugs

Drugs, whether medically prescribed or illegally accessed, both can turn into addiction in no time and lead the person to a life of misery, helplessness, and embarrassment. As this problem progresses in the world around us, we see numerous people, whom we never thought we would see like this, fighting with addiction of one type or another. It is indeed painful to see people, of massive potential, trying to fight off alcohol addiction or trying not to smoke weed but failing constantly.

Their struggle gives us an important lesson: identify the problem at an early age and diminish it there and then. But how will you identify if your friend or a loved one is entering the horrific world of addiction? Well, hereon, we will provide you some common symptoms, which are experienced in all types of addiction. You can keep a lookout for those signs and arrange for professional help at the emergence of any if these symptoms at the very early stage of addiction and save your loved ones from a fatal fate.

Physical changes: If your friends or a family members suddenly seems to be through serious changes in the body, like sudden weight loss or weight gain and they cannot provide a convincing reason for it, chances are that they are consuming a drug which is changing their body and rapidly increasing or decreasing their body mass. This is an easily noticeable symptom and can be very helpful in identifying addiction.

Change of appetite: It is okay to feel extremely hungry one sudden day or not be hungry at all one of these days. But addiction brings a serious change in appetite. Right after consuming drugs, the person usually feels extremely hungry and needs something that can give them instant power. This is because the drug gives the body a feeling of euphoria, heightening all the senses and activities of the body. So when the drug’s effect fades off, the body feels exhausted from the sudden hype of the activity it experienced and needed immediate to energy to continue functioning normally.

Financial issues: This is slightly tricky to judge, but if their person in question is close to you then you must have an idea of their financial situation. If you notice that the concerned person suddenly seems to be short of money more frequently than ever, you might have a keep a close eye on them. Drugs do not come inexpensively. Someone who is becoming an addict will always try to find way to their hands on more and more money to buy the drug rather than avoid the drug. A sudden change in their financial situation that seems to last is an indication that they are spending on drugs and are unable to stop themselves.

Risky behavior: An addict can go to any lengths to get access to drugs. As the brain has already gone weak due to the influence of the drugs, it cannot tell the extent of danger in certain activities. Therefore, the person adheres to different ways of drug seeking that are extremely wrong and dangerous. The risky behavior may involve frequent lying, stealing or bribing as well.

Gradual or Sudden Isolation: Even a drug addict knows that what they are doing is absolutely wrong and unacceptable in the society. Therefore they tend to hide it away. Sudden need for isolation or withdrawal from social activities may be a sign that the person is hiding his drug addiction from you and other family members or friends.